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Valle del Serchio and Garfagnana

District that border on the Lucca’s plain and runs along the whole Serchio river. The attractions to visit, both naturalistic and architectural we suggest you:

“Linea Gotica” in Borgo a Mozzano: fort built by the German Army in 1944 to stop the Allied advance. This open-air museum is the only one intact of the Line and it’s possible visiting the bunkers, trenches, anti-tank ditches the gun emplacements and the roads.

“Maddalena’s bridge” or “Devil’s bridge”: it crosses the Serchio river nearby Borgo a Mozzano; famous because of the popular tale about the Devil’s intervention during its building, is an admirable medieval engeneering’s work, that comes from the thirteenth century.
Barga: poet Giovanni Pascoli’s second homland that called the region “Valley of the beuty and the good”. You can visit the ancient village that tastes of poetry and live again a past rich of rich, art, culture, tradictions and typical products.

Thermal Baths in Bagni di Lucca: the spa is composed by two natural steam caves, the “Grotta Grande” and the “Grotta Paolina”, originates by the name of Napoleon’s sister, a regular of this thermal bath, perfect for the skin care, arthtopathy, relax and purifications.

Museum System: various and rich, includes the “Figurina di gesso e dell’Emigrazione” museum in Pescaglia, unique and a must-see for history’s lovers, “dei Puccini” museum in Celle Puccini, restored in the old master’s ancestors house (sixteenth-century) that holds Puccini’s relics, documents and manuscripts. Vetriano’s Theatre: included in the Guinness World’s Record in 1997 has the oldest public historical theatre of the world (71m²) and belongs to the FAI’s goods, the Giovanni Pascoli’s house-museum, wrapped by wall and trees, far from noises unless the bird song or the water’s sounds and the natural museum of Castiglione Garfagnana and the Camporigiano’s ress.

La Grotta del Vento (the wind’s cave): internationally famous, provides to visitors a complete frame to the underground krast’s phenomenon: an event started 20 million years ago and not finished yet. It’s open everyday and it’s placed in one of the wildest part of Garfagnana.

Lakes: Garfagnana can boast the presence of two lakes: one artificial the Isola Santa’s Lake, that has its roots in prehistory. Extremely fascinating place, rich in religion and history, where is possible have a sightseen tour, along the pathes that reach “Gruppo delle Panie”. The second, Vagli’s lake, whit its 34 million m³ of water is the biggest hydroelectric basin of Tuscany.

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