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The Serchio’s Valley on the both slopes, is crossed by a dense net of trails, looked after by the Club Alpino Italiano (CAI). Therefore, is possible reach the most striking locations of the valley and reach the Appennini’s top beginning from the villages that are at the most elevated altitude. below, a small list of the most importants trails:

Garfagnana Trekking: divided in 9 stages that can be covered in a day, is a ring-trial that allows you to visit the most important places of the Garfagnana’s mountains, both on the Appennini’s slope and the Apuane’s one. The starting point is in Castelnuovo Garfagnana where to the Rural Tourism Coordination Center (Centro di Coorinamento del Turismo Rurale) you can have all the info that you need.

“I sentieri dell’Airone”: a net of three trails marked by a yellow-blue signs that will bring you in the Orecchiella’s natural park. The “Sentiero Airone 1” drives you to the mountain pasture of Campaiana at the top of Pania di Corfino. “Airone 2” reach Prati di Ripa, blooms’ rich during the spring, and beside the Rimonio river. “Airone 3” gives you the opportunity of a two-days hiking through Monte Prado (the highest of Tuscany) and Lago di Bargetana. “I Sentieri dell’Airone” start from the Orecchiella’s Park Visitors Center (Centro Visitatori del Parco dell’Orecchiella).

“I Sentieri del Moro”: focused on Sillico, a beautiful village, is a round-trails’ net that allows a short walk ( “Sentiero delle Rogazioni” is just a fourty minutes’ walk) or to spend a complete day descovering “Le Terre del Moro” (passing through the “Sentiero dei Mulini”, a six hours trial). Those who prefere stay near the village may use many differents trials that pass through Silico. The treks are marked by white-light blue signs and can be used throughout the year. Periodically the Cultural Association “Terre del Moro” realize cultural meeting and guided walks.

“Le Vie della Contessa”: is a round-trails’ net the gives you rhe chance to hike in the suggestive valleys where the Serchio river borns. Exept “La Via delle Acque” that could be impracticable during rainy period and “Anello della Contessa” that during the winter could be crossed only from experts with snow equipement.

“Sentiero Natura di Campocatino”: is a short trek that pass through the Campocatino’s glacial basin. The walk begin between the “caselli” of the ancient mountain village, and crossed the the terraced fields, it reaches the beeches’ woods at the Roccandagia mountain’s base. From here, it arrives to the road that brings to Campocatino. From the same place,it is possibile take an old muletrack that descends to Eremo di San Viano, built-in a rock wall. You can also reache this hermitage directly from the ancient mountain village. The trial starts from Campocantino (reachable from Vagli and Gramolazzo).

“Sentiero dell’Ariosto”: it’s an easy trek that from Castelnuovo Garfagnana makes you get to “Fortezza di Montalfonso” and from here, come back to the village passing through vineyards, woods and fields. You can enjoy an xtraordinary landscape from the fort recently restored. The trail starts from “via Anzzi”, in the Castelnuovo Garfagnana’s center.

“I sentieri della Linea Gotica” – these are five routes that gives you the opportunity to visit the main gothic’s line forts, the bunkers, walways and anti-tanks wall built from TODT’s Organization during the Second World War. The routes starts from Borgo a Mozzano.

“I percorsi di Monte Pisano”: Monte Pisano is in the south part of Capannori and divides the Pisa’s flat from the Lucca’s one. This mountain has an almost unique feature over Italy: infact, it is completely isolated from other mountains and is bordered from several waterways. From the enviromental point of view it has intresting skills about flora and fauna and it presents breathtaking views. In 2008 a new trial’s route has been opened, made from 9 round-trial properly marked, that bring to the discovery of natural resources, but also historic resources of the that territory.

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