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Lucca’s Plain

Famous for its events and internetionally known, as the event dedicated to comics and cosplays’ fans “Lucca Comics”, the series of concerts of some of the best italian and international artists during the “Winter & Summer Festival”, the “Settembre Lucchese”, period in wich the skills of our territory are expressed in the strongest way, the floral exhibit “Murabilia” and so on, boasts an unlimited number of place to visit, like:

Lucca’s old town centre: held inside sixteenth-century wall, is renowed for its peculiarities and perfect condition. Walking around is possible visiting every monuments of most hisorical interest as well as the many holy buildings, that during the past ages made it deserve the name of “City of the 100 Church”, evrythings held inside only 4,2 km. Infact the american magazine “Forbes” has named it has the “the most idyillc town to live in”, evidence of the fact that many turists, after the discovery of the magical feelings that identified it, have elected it has second residence.

“Ville Lucchesi”: priceless value heritage, that stands out in Italy because stills to be lived and visited thanks to the owners’ cares, that during the centuries have introduced different styles without modifying the layout and the moderation of the Lucca’s characters. Visiting the “Ville” is possible travel through again the Lucca’s history starting from the sixteenth century when the rich and indipendent Lucca’s Republic was born. The most important are: “Villa Bernardini” in Vicopelago, “Villa Grabau” in San Pancrazio, “Villa Mansi” in Segromigno in Monte, “Villa Oliva” in San Pancrazio, “Villa Reale” in Marlia and “Villa Torrigiani” in Camigliano.

Museum System: over the years the “Rete museale”, that would like to improve the museums’ acquaitance, has been working in the cataloging enviroment of the museums’ collection, in the school or adult public’s teaching, in the promotion of cultural heritage in our territory. The involved structures are: Mostra Archeologica Permanente, Capannori; Mostra di Attrezzi di Vita Contadina, Capannori; Mostra Didattica Archeologica Permanente, Porcari; Gabinetto di Storia Naturale e Raccolta di antichi strumenti di Fisica del Liceo Machiavelli, Lucca; Museo Del Risorgimento, Lucca; Museo Della Cattedrale, Lucca; Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi, Lucca; Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi, Lucca; Museo Storico della Liberazione, Lucca.

Riverside park: it represents an important space of social aggregation where is possible walking, enjoying your free time training, completely surrounded in the landscape’s beauty. The Enviroment Ministry awarded to Lucca the prize for “sustainable city of 2000”, just because the Riverside Park represents an exemple of perfect unity between city and enviroment.

“Strada del vino e dell’olio”: Lucchesia, region characterized by his plantation of grape and olive, has created with a route that twist and turn through the villages of Seracezza, Pietrasanta, Camaiore e Massarosa, Lucca and its hills, Capannori, Altopascio, to makes you feel the knowledge and the taste closely tied to the most important tradictions. Traveling along the road you can taste every kind of typical productions: the intense oil “extravergine di oliva DOP”, the crunchy and perfumed bread of the master bakers, the various local productions of fish in the Versilia’s region, and of meet typicol across Garfagnana.

“Via Francigena”: is the part of a routes’ group that linked the centrale Europe with Rome. Mainly used by pilgrims, it has been protected by responsible tourism and values the cultural and enviromental heritage of the Valley.

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