EcoHotel Milano
Since 1969

Eco Hotel

The respect for the enviroment and the ecosystem’s safeguard together with the services’ impact on the nature are the three key points of the Hotel Milano’s values, that for many years follows the sustainability as the only way possible to increase the turism in our region.

Therefore the management choose to use system that pay attention to sustainability and low enviromental impact as solar pannels and pallet boilers.

Furthermore, the hotel is engaged to promote several approaches and behaviors like:

  1. decrease and optimization of the natural resources’ use, especially water and energy;
  2. decrease and management of the staff’s garbage;
  3. make our staff conscious that, every action will have consequences for the enviroment. So we look for a complete collaboration, necessary to reduce the negative impact on the ecosystem;
  4. providing high quality products, using seasonal fruits and vegetables and typical products of these regions;
  5. sensitizing our guests to protect the beauties of our land in wich we are lucky to be settled, pointing out on the importance to safeguard it for the future, emplying several responsable behaviors.

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